Meet The Clowns

By mushr



The clowns wear their hearts on their sleeve.

They have no secrets to keep.

The painted smiles on their faces

a badge of war wounds,

fought & won in strange places.


Outside of the tent,

the clowns pretend

to be their own masters.


The clowns weave their tunes

from life’s leftover spools.

Comic trickery

Outstanding foolery

Implausible tragedy

(These are all the tricks of the trade.)


No words escape their lips

No salutations

No handkerchiefs thrown to mark defeat.


The clowns simply play their instruments,

and cast their brand of magic,

that make the children smile

& the grown men shake their heads

in remembrance of the things their

fathers said to them when they

were little.


Perhaps this life

doesn’t pick sides;

but chooses to hide

inside of the tent,

its most precious parts.

Satisfied that the clowns

will guard its light,

with their hearts.


So it’s no wonder at all

that the clowns can make

fun of themselves.

Laugh when they’re sad.

Even ride a bike,

while the ring leader

grabs all the cheers

from the crowd.


The clowns are life’s amateur soothsayers,

clad in mismatching striped suits

& giant rubber pink flippers.

The clowns can put your sadness to shame.

Which is their number one claim to fame.


Perhaps the clowns,

will one of these days,

unmask the unbelievable truth;

that there simply is no tragedy,

that a green wig  & a big, shiny, 

red nose can’t fix.




 I would secretly love to hear a reading of this! :)



Meet The Clowns

Created: Sep 05, 2011


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