February 14th THROUGH THE AGES... AGES... AGES...

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As of today, there are three hundred and twenty days left in the year.

(Use them well.)

Many many things of great importance will happen today, as they always have. The days assigned this number are special in their own way - all days are special, but this one moreso. The fourteenth of February has many meanings to many people, good and bad...

Ninety-two years ago, Russians said dobry den to the first day using the Gregorian calendar. They have been just as late as everybody else since.

Sixty-five years ago, Prague and Dresden were bombed. Billy Pilgrim is born.

Jack Benny was born a hundred and sixteen years ago. Yes, I actually know who Jack Benny is.

In ancient Rome, they would be celebrating the second day of Lupercalia, in honor of Lupercus, the wolfen god of shepherds. I'm not quite sure how that works out.

And of course, a good chunk of the world celebrates Valentine's Day today. Is it about a saint who died writing letters? Is it about seven dollar cards that play jingles when you open them?

Nope. Not to me.

Today marks exactly three and a half years since I first kissed the woman I love. Two months later, I told her I loved her on a hospital bed. It was my best Christmas yet, and I spent it with about five tubes in my body.

Three years may not seem like much time, but as of today we've been together for more than one seventh of my time on this planet. We are halfway to seven years, at which point I will have spent a quarter of my entire life alongside this woman.. Yes, I am counting. No, it's not weird.

It's love. And when she wakes up this morning, I'll tell her so.

Created: Feb 14, 2010

Tags: anniversary, love, romance, valentine

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