By aryes80

Everything I ever wanted had just happened to be missing in my life, is you
I know so much in this world is freely thinking of someone’s hopeless misfortunes
However, no one wants to inform me of the pain that dwells in my heart or theirs’
See because caring for someone who does not care back, is impertinent behavior

That I cannot explain for myself, nevertheless, I create that very madness
So can it be that one person is wanted by me in that most insane way
No! I forget that he does not love or see me that way
Yet, in my drunken state, I want to call out his name, he haunts my dreams

I liked him because of his smile, the softness of his face, the comfort of his personality
Although, I would love to change this, for it cannot be, because I am stuck loving him
Only him, I tell you, there alone I sit in the dark, wanting and hoping for him
However, the whole world loves you, more than I could ever want too, denial my truth

How, I wish to replace your inner beauties for someone else’s outer features
Secretly, I want you in my arms; I know I have to change to be that perfect woman
For you and only you, could it be that I am thinking too much of this
No! I would give my life just for one kiss, just like everyone else


Created: Feb 14, 2010


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