By cebeevc

Oh, is this …really?

Ok well I guess I could start writing…

Dear Journal, let me introduce myself, the name they gave me is Alico, I could be the product of a mind that doesn’t sleep very much, or just a pixelian character that is following his dream of being real???, wait, I have to work on that.

Where I want to go, people will ask me, who am I? And I have to come up with something really good, can I practice with you journal?… I guess I can.

I am a perception, I am what I can see, in this side of the mirror…
I am a wide Hispanic nose,
A collector of dark, caffeine-full nights,
I am an owner of a creature, something they call dog,
A hystericus to do list,
I am that sane response to all the everyday, over rated madness
I am an ungrammatical description of myself

What do you think? Too vague? Yeah I thought so myself.

I’ll be right back, I just need to go, before the night flies away and uncovers this place; they might find me.


Created: Feb 14, 2010


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