The facts about a so called Alico

By cebeevc

Once a narrator that wasn’t too accurate said that Alico often thought that narrators were better than that almighty, omnipresent, all powerful creature that created the wonderland,

at least narrators write, describe and bother, Alico said,
"but sometimes they lie"

His teacher in the quainty school of non-teachings, in an interview, said about him the following clauses:

Who? Oh He was never here, he was out chasing the night and cutting pieces of it to keep in his backpack, what he does with it who knows?

Alico just wanted to sew them all together and create an infinite night, so he can escape to a world with wider crazier brushstrokes and an expressionistic Die Brücke style in the color, and where there is no flowers, but we are not supposed to know that.
What we are supposed to know is that everybody is looking for him, and they don’t know what is coming…or maybe I’m just lying.

The facts about a so called Alico

Created: Feb 14, 2010


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