WIP: I Can't Break Free [needs vocals]

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This is a song I started over a year ago and just never finished. It had a lot of potential, but unfortunately the big chorus I had in my head was just more than my poor little vocal chords can handle. I have here the basic intro, first verse, and chorus, with my vocals on the first verse, as it should be, and my best attempt at singing the chorus, just to give an idea of what I want the melody to sound like. However, as you can hear quite clearly, my vocals are extremely strained on this part, so I'm really looking for some talented vocalists out there that can really do this song justice. Once I finally get it sounding the way I want I should be able to extend it out to a full song. I'll upload a second file with the vocals removed so anyone interested can add in their part easily.

And, as always, feel free to tweak this song around, and add in anything you feel is best! I'm showing you my original vision for this song, but I'm sure there are plenty of people on this site that can come up with even bigger and better things! Also, let me know if you need any of the individual tracks or you'd like access to the full cubase studio 4 session (about 830MB).

Here are the lyrics:
I sit in my room, as the lights go down
And I'm staring at the screens, glowing eerily,
And I contemplate the meaning of life,
Is it just me, or is there a pattern,
of no consistency?
And if everything I thought I knew was true,
Would I still have you?
Would I still have you?
I don't know.

And I can't break free,
All these feelings inside of me,
it's terrifying to see.
And I can't break free,
All of this anxiety,
the walls are closing in and my heart is failing.

Created: Feb 14, 2010


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