Welcome to REC Land

By JustMeg

This is still just a rough idea. It was inspired by Alice, Willy Wonka and of course, all the incredibly creative and talented people of hitRECord.

Come one, come all. Step right up. Take a tour of an unsurpassed land. Experience wonders like no other you’ve ever seen. That’s it, step right up friends. Join me aboard the glorious LizzieMackie, a ship unparalleled across all the oceans and all the skies. Tickets please, everyone must have a ticket. Thank you. Thank you. Hit the gangplank folks and remember during the tour RECords of all sorts are welcome, encouraged, appreciated, embraced, supported...Ah yeah, you get the idea. Is everyone aboard? Good, good, then lets set ourselves Adrift, on a journey, fabulous, incredible and amazing in all respects.

Let me introduce myself. I am your Jubilant and Grandiose Leader. Anything but Regular. I am extraordinary. I will be guiding your tour through RECland. I will be your conduit to unbelievable sights and sounds, to magnificent marvels beyond belief. This is a new, unprecedented adventure that will change your life forever…well maybe not forever, but a long time anyway.

We are fast approaching our first of many wonders. You will see folks, if you direct your attention to the left, a meadow of Pickle Blossoms. A rare and beautiful sight it is indeed folks. Although temperamental little flowers they are, blissful one moment and completely woebegone the next, they have more faces than a dodecahedron, or is it an octahedron that has more? I never could remember.

Now if you’ll turn around you may be able to catch sight of the remarkable dancing Lula bird. She is breathtaking, isn’t she folks, only one has ever been found in existence. Perhaps today she will grace us with a performance?

I know it is hard to believe folks, but we are nearing the renowned Meta Forest. Home to smarmorific lothariators, capricitous califrags and testosteronic alphabeasts. Many a valiant explorer has lost his way attempting to discern the depths of this wild woodland. If you look closely you might glimpse one of the fantastic creatures that dwells within.

We’ve reached our halfway mark folks, time for a short intermission of sorts. Please take a seat, relax, have a cup of tea. Where are the TeaFaeries? Oh, yes, here they come. Now don’t be afraid folks, just sit very still and they’ll take care of the rest. They Brew up the most lovely cup of tea you’ve ever tasted, they do indeed.

Oh, now, I am sorry to have to Interrupt, but I don’t want you to miss the lovely field of Mushrs that is coming up on your right. Ah, and a special treat for you indeed, it’s the Mad ManWithHatter himself. Lets invite him aboard for a cup of tea, shall we folks?

Oh dear! What’s happened here? It’s a good thing we have a doctor on board. Where is Dr. Gory? Oh good, here you are, we seem to have a bit of a situation. Yep, bit the finger clean off. Don’t fret, you’re in capable hands, third time it’s happened this week. Dr. Gory is really an expert. You people really shouldn’t grab hold of the TeaFaeries. They’ve got quite sharp teeth you see.

You may have noticed my friends that the light here is slightly different from what you may be accustomed to. Well, that Burning you see up in the sky is not the sun. No, it is Sirius the brightest of stars that provides all our illuminatory needs.

Now if you would please direct your attention towards the bow, you will see a large rock face upon which exists The Marke. No one knows who Made it or how it got there. It is certainly inspiring, isn’t it my friends?

We are approaching the end of our journey one last sight till we all must say our adieus. The Castle of RECland itself, home to the fabulous Queen Jenyffer and the Awesome Princess Tanja. No, it can’t be. I do say, the magnificents themselves are waving to us. Wave everyone, we musn’t be rude.

Well, folks, I am sorry to say we have reached the end of our tour. Our travels through the computer screen have come to a conclusion. I do hope that you will return. There remain countless sights unseen, sounds unheard, infinite possibilities unimagined. Perhaps, you will be the ones to imagine them, eh folks?

Welcome to REC Land

Created: Feb 13, 2010


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