Character Sketch #6 - VickiVee's "Queen of Spades" & TheBucketness'...

By Jules Alder

[title cont: ...s "Queen Jenyffer" ] CHARACTER SKETCH #6 - for TheBucketness's "Queen Jennyfer" & Vicki Vee's "Queen of Spades" [1]

CHARACTER NAME: Queen of Spades/The Black Queen. Or Jenyffer, to the suicidal.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: (In the motivational sense, with back story).

Banished for years from showing her face in Wonderland without king or champion to rally to her cause, The Black Queen has been in a foul mood for the length of several chess games. The Red Queen put her head in a foreign contraption that had no other use except shunning the upstart pawn, as she called her, to keep her from moving quickly and without effort, as is a Queen's right. (It is the Red Queen's claim that the pawn promoted herself to Queen too quickly, and in flagrant disregard of the rules.) It leads Alice, upon seeing her, to remark that surely there must be a way to turn on the telly and get a good look at The Black Queen. Of course, she's wrong. There's no cord. Whoopsy.

When ManWithHatter leaves The Pickle Blossoms to save his friends, they send up a terrifying shriek that pierces the Red Queen's ears and upsets her sense of cool, calm and collected order while shattering the thing Alice calls a telly from The Black Queen's head. Just when it looks like Wonderland might have returned under the auspices of a more benevolent, humbled "ruler," The Black Queen declares that anyone who calls her "Jenyffer," as the Red Queen always insisted on doing, stripping her of her title, would have their head placed inside the Jabberwocky's mouth. [2]

As you can imagine, years of torturous TV head have left The Black Queen a little addled and somewhat insecure. Yet she is graceful and, thanks to the recent weight loss, quite mobile. When The White Queen returns, their characteristic deficiencies prove compatible and they make a pact to do better about keeping tyrants at bay, starting with the Queen of Hearts, who had the Dormouse decapitated for a "crime he was never going to commit." The Black Queen persuades the non-confrontational White Queen that something must be done. If only they could get that persistent White Rabbit to stop talking nonsense about water and unnatural directions and execute their plan!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[1] I love both these drawings. My imagination's large enough for two.

[2] Dear Artists, please go look at Dr. Gory's Alice Versus the JabberWocky video and see if you can get a hit off of it, good and long enough to draw us an awesome mash-up. Jonthewallflower's makeup in the video is just far too good to not take a crack at:

Character Sketch #6 - VickiVee's

Created: Feb 13, 2010


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