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Inflamed letter

By caroleluciole

Love letter for the actors of my life

In one, I loved Keanu Reeves, I think. He captivated me in Dracula. And then, there was Speed.

In two, I loved Russell Crowe. When I saw The Quick and the Dead. And then, there was Gladiator.

In 3, I loved Leonardo DiCaprio. As soon as I saw him in Romeo. And then, there was Titanic.

In 4, I loved Jude Law. It was very intense, though purely physical. I discovered him in The Talented Mr. Ripley. And then, there was Stalingrad.

In 5, I loved River Phoenix. I learned about him long after his death, when I knew he was the best friend of Keanu Reeves. I saw he was beautiful, just, humble, generous. I knew he formed a rock band with his sister Rain, and he bought a plot of land in the Amazon, so it’s preserved. And then, there was My Own Private Idaho.

In 6, I loved Heath Ledger. I watched this movie where he plays a cowboy who falls in love with another one, up there in the mountain. And I realized with this film that a man could love another man, something I couldn’t conceive before. 

In 7, I loved Sam Rockwell. Since the day I watched Lawn Dogs. And then, there was A Midsummer Night's Dream: I loved his game and heard him saying "Adieu".

In 8, I loved Christian Bale. Simply because he was in a dream in which I make him laugh - it was just after seeing A Midsummer… The most beautiful dream I had in my life: sitting at a banquet, along with Jude Law; Bale was there, standing beside us, very classy, with a server plateau balanced on a hand, he laughed at a joke I made... and I liked it. And then, there was Equilibrium.

In 9, I loved James Franco. I liked him in The Company among other. And then, I knew he was a painter too.

In 10 and 11, I loved Jamie Bell and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (!) I find them very interesting, in addition to being very attractive, funny and damn sexy; they have that little extra which makes them look wise and clever. Initially, I saw them without really seeing them. I just told myself: " Oh yes, I know him! I like him! "

And then, there was The Eagle which produced in me a click. An ardent passion for Jamie ensued. And the name of Joe echoed in my head when I read he was a friend of Channing Tatum. I discovered this website he created to help artists around the world. In addition, he was born the same year as me (81) and speaks French!

There would be others; if only I could list all of them… Just Tatum (oh yeah, obviously), especially since I saw him dance in Step up; and he’s so hilarious in the video Morgan & Destiny's... turned with Joe and Lexy.

Thank you Gentlemen, you're brilliant.

You have been and will remain Lights for me... forever.

In 12 (but before all), I loved my true best friend, the real man of my life. Once my eyes fell on him, I knew I will love him... because he has the physique of an actor! Soon after, I’ve seen that he also had a keen sense of humor and a rare intelligence. He’s as strong as a lion and softer than a lamb. Thanks to him, I know that love is infinite, that everything is connected.

And then, he told me I was like an angel.

And then, he told me I was so beautiful, one might think I go out of a tale.


* This is a translation, maybe frenglish sometimes.


Inflamed letter

Created: Aug 29, 2011

Tags: declaration, statement

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