Some inspiration for Wonderland!

By CaoticaLucie

Hey everyone!!
This is the first time that I dare to contribute in one of the amazing projects you're working in. I don't know so well how this web works but I'm excited about it.
I'm a disaster with drawings so I can't contribute with any drawing, but I love photography and travelling and I have something that will probably interest you to make the sketches for your story.

4 years ago I went to a little village in Germany called Rothemburg ob der Tauber. It's a fairy tale village and every single corner of that town is so lovely and magic that they could perfectly belong to Wonderland.

I show you two pictures. I hope thay can be used as an inspiration for your amazing sketches of Rabbit house, or something like that...
Wow!! There is a lot of talent here!!!

ps. excuse my english...: )

Some inspiration for Wonderland!

Created: Feb 13, 2010


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