By gypsi

And then, what is a firefly?
What is a will-o'-wisp?
I am lost in a tunnel of lights
And somehow I missed the exit sign.
I wonder if you were there that night
When I bumped like a drunk
Into things in the dark.
And searched for the off-switch
Of the neon-light.
Much like a maniac
Much like an arsonist
Searching for a box of matches.
My fingers frantically fumbling
With the last piece of advice I had been given
And forgotten right then.
You are soft snow
Soft as freshly fallen snow
And no
You are not cold like a snowman.
I want you to melt with me
Like spring is here
Like flowers and roses and stars will fall on your cheeks.
Like green grass embraces your pebbles.
Dancing in a daze of fireflies and will-o'-wisps
To a cricket's song
Like it was spring.
I want you to come like spring.


Created: Feb 13, 2010


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