Colder Than Cold - Outline/Notes

By casvellon

A young man lost in a frozen, dying world, desperately fights to inspire hope in a fellow survivor while maintaining his own wavering hopes.

Elaboration: It has been sixteen months since Daniel Tam's last summer. Each day since then, the sun has set sooner, the world has grown colder, and his family and friends have withered and died before him. Left with only the company of his increasingly distant and hostile brother-in-law, he finds comfort in documenting the last of his people's darkest days with a scavenged camera.

Still, even as the world dies around them, the constant threat of vicious raiders or thieves looms, and soon the sickness that gripped the souls of all the other survivors turns brothers inward against themselves, where they find warped, frigid reflections of who they thought themselves to be.

Character List:

Daniel Tam
Ira Jones
Extras - Family, voices, etc.

Scene/Location Breakdown:

Family home video - Dan, Ira, Ira's wife (Pending)
Ext. shot 1 - Opening at waterworks, Ira. (public park/waterworks building)
Daniel's vlog - Dan monologue. (see below)
Conversation - Dan & Ira in shelter (under construction)
Ext. shot 2 - Dan & Ira at frozen shore. (public park/abandoned bridge project)

- Extras will consist mainly of family members and/or local actors depending on location and scene. Leads will double up with VO duties for offscreen characters, intercut with suitable HR clips.

- Exteriors will be shot at various half-finished public works buildings to save on set building and lighting costs, shot mornings or early afternoon, color corrected all the same anyway in post. May add some HR footage of snowed-up/iced roads and other winter locales.

- Shelter will be a repurposed garage/shed furnished with old mattress/sheets and various scavenged tools made from old/broken equipment.

Budget: Less than nothing.
Challenge: Great.
Enthusiasm: Plenty.
Experience: Awesome.

Colder Than Cold - Outline/Notes

Created: Feb 13, 2010

Tags: outline, film, cold, breakdown

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