Another Cheshire

By DaxSchaffer

I normally would leave the Cheshire cat to somebody else, but this is actually an older drawing I did a few years ago. I was envisioning what my cat Dejo would look like as the character since he's already quite expressive and sneaky (he also has the stripes, so...).

Dunno if anyone will care for my non-American-McGee take on this. Everyone always seems to make him disturbing looking, I think that takes away from the alluring charm that the Cheshire Cat is meant to have. A con-man or trickster should be a wolf in sheep's clothing, not a wolf in monster's clothing.

Anyway, I've always wanted to draw the Jub-Jub bird or whatever it is. I'll probably upload designs for some Carol-eque creatures as this project roles forward.

Another Cheshire

Created: Feb 13, 2010


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