A Historic Mess

By NuMyke

The northeastern coast was hit with not one but two brutal storms this past week. The first snow storm started about mid day on Friday the 5th. It was so extreme that we weren't back at work when the second storm hit on this past Wednesday. They are calling this the worst storm here in 100 years. All I know is that it was a lot of freaking snow... I thought when I left NY, I was done with this kind of snow. Today, Friday, is my first day back at work since leaving at lunch time last Friday. I was so desperately bored, I wanted to pull my hair out. I did get out when it wasn't snowing. I live close to the Capitol and National Monument grounds so I was able to wander over there and get some good shots. This picture was taken in my neighborhood.

This storm debuts work from my very new Nikon Digital SLR. Yes I've gone over to the dark side. NuMyke, the photography purist who couldn't see shooting digitally. Pictures from this storm are the first pictures taken with this camera. I think my Canon and Nikon Film SLRs are feeling a little slighted, but I'm sure I'll be one of those photography geeks someplace with two cameras around my neck now. I'm sure I'll always shoot my black and whites with film. Color film may eventually face it's death, but since people can process their own black and whites, I think black and white film is here to stay.

A Historic Mess

Created: Feb 13, 2010


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