Alice visits Great Uncle W. Rabbit ( more to come)

By MetristAdrift

The edits I'm satisfied with tonight + yesterdays stuff. I'm not as 100% sure about this, but I want to put out more.

Alice approached the headstone with caution, clutching the small wooden flute she held in her hand with a terrible grip. She’d really wished she were doing this during the day, when it wasn’t so dark and nighty and spooky. In her mind, the rustle of every leaf was a specter waiting to leap – if specters even leap. Her uncertainty terrified her more. The headstone was quite elaborately adorned with etchings of teacups and chess pieces. The letters were speckled with the remains of gold paint. She imagined the stone was once very beautifully artistic. It read simply:

Let's not forget dear Uncle W.
the last white rabbit who
found himself too late,
for his very important date.

Alice unfolded the slip of paper tucked into the body of the flute. In the bright moonlight she could just make out the notes. Steadying her breath, she put the flute to her lips and played the tune from the sheet. It was quite bad. After she’d finished, she glanced at the tomb. Not a single movement, it seemed.
‘Perhaps I missed a note’, thought Alice as she readied the flute for a second try.

“My dear young miss,
If you could be so kind,
As to not put your lips
To that thing one more time.”

The interrupting verse bellowed from a much larger tomb nearby and nearly caused Alice to faint. “I’m quite sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you Mr…” She quickly read his headstone. “Moricio Usy.”

There was a grumble, followed by a sneeze. Out of a tiny hole at what seemed to be the foot of the tomb lifted the ghost of a mouse, no larger than Alice’s hand. His tail danced in the air like a worm and his feet seemed to wisp off into mist half way down.

"Call me Mo, Young lady
As all my friends do,
And then just maybe
You’ll tell me -- who are you?"

Alice wasn't sure what to feel. On one hand, small things were not scary – in fact, they were quite cute. On the other, ghost things were not cute but were absolutely scary. She decided to settle somewhere in the middle.

“My name is Alice. I'm very sorry if I...” She considered her words “wake you. I was told if I played this song on this flute I could rouse Mr. Rabbit. I'm in need of his assistance.”

It occurred to Alice, as she finished her sentence, that she had no idea what the 'W' in 'Great Uncle W. Rabbit' represented. The obvious answer was White, but what if it were Wilbur or Winston or even Walter? It would be quite upsetting to be startled from such a long rest only to be called the wrong name.

“Might I a glance
at the notes on that page?
I think there's a chance
that you made a mistake.”

Without a moments wait, the small ghostly figure leaped and snatched the sheet from her hand. Looking it over a bit, Mo shook his tiny head and began to tear it apart.

“Wrong, wrong and wrong
this just isn't right.
This isn't the song
to wake that rabbit tonight.

Where did you get this?
Who is the source?
Because you can bet their
having no laughing loss.”

Alice sighed regretfully. She swelled with disappointment and sadness.
“This is just horrible. Surely, Mr. Mo, you ought to know the right tune to play to wake Mr. Rabbit.”

Mo shook his head more rapidly and blew the tiny fragments of paper from around him.

“I'm sorry, sweet youth
I should have told you before
I couldn't play the flute
even if my life it'd restore.

Not only don't I breathe
a breath to be blown
nor can I read
any music if shown.”

Alice felt her cheeks flush with temper. She calmed before speaking.
“Then why would you tear up the page with the music? It might have been correct! And how did you sneeze then, or blow away those pieces?”

She sat with a pout. Mo simply shrugged his little translucent shoulders.

“Do you need to be a chef
to know something tastes nasty?
And that wasn't breath
it's just death's a bit gassy.”

Alice visits Great Uncle W. Rabbit ( more to come)

Created: Feb 13, 2010


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