the fighting

By Isabel

can’t stop. won’t stop.
i wish it would just stop.

so i can dream in peace with out hearing a curse in the background.
without doors slamming.
without hearts racing.
without the screaming.
and the hate.

bye, bye. i’ll see him on another day.
someday soon. probably the 14th of febuary.
reason one for keeping him around.
to feel his grasp on her body she thinks will fufill the void in her heart.
the corny hallmark cards interupting the noise.
and with the scent of the roses rapidly taking over the house.
oh and how can one forget about the stupid, immature, dancing and singing stuffed animals he gives her.
the void is filled! for now anyways. with balls of fuzz that will break down eventually.

but where did she go? vanished and hidden in what is now silence.
the jingle of her keys.
the bark of the dogs.
the ignition roars.

the fighting can’t stop. it won’t stop.
but i wish it would just stop.

the fighting

Created: Feb 12, 2010


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