Eric's Video

By gulsah

ok, so... i've been having a LOT of problems with this video
for some reason the file won't show up but it's saved as an AVI file!! if someone can help me please please please help!!
anyway, from my editing program i was able to upload it straight to youtube. if you would like me to remove it [ whomever's work i used, please let me know and i will do so :) ]
my friend Eric wanted me to put some video clips behind his original song [ i told him to join but he doesn't want people "stealing" his stuff ]
so i did so!

ONCE AGAIN: THE QUALITY STINKS SO BAD AND IM SO SORRY!!! i messed around with a lot of stuff on my editor and now i'm not happy!!! :[

Ps; The name says "Eric's Video" because Eric Demarco is the musician and he wanted to see what his music would sound like on top of a simple video. tada, thats exactly what i did. simple.

Eric's Video

Created: Feb 12, 2010

Tags: happiness

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