Lean In

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Lean in, young one.
Pleasure to your past.
Listen to the wisdom
Thought to never grasp.

Breathe out, my child.
Exhaust from the reality.
Relax in sand castles
And zoom in your dynasty.

Take hold, small fry.
Let the shade cool the surface.
Refrain from shadows
Casting metamorphosis.

Live free, cherub.
Let none export your soul.
Dilate imagery
Not to mind a waned goal.

So lean in
Just a bit.
Stay clear
Of the thick
Of the thorn
To resist
From the cuts
On your wrist
And the blood
That may drip
On your warmth
Made of knit
Highly raised
From your hip
That you wore
Upon kid.

But lean in
If you wish.


Originally published on this site December 7th for Mushr's "To Yourself At Twelve" collab, however, I haven't been on this site since then and apparently it was not saved when the site upgrade was made. Nonetheless, here is my first record, again.

Created: Feb 12, 2010


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