Love will come find you

By imadealine

It was time for him to go home for the night. I hugged him and got a whiff of his scent, which is so soothing to me. We started swaying back and forth and he started humming a random song (which ended up being “Kiss the Girl”). I squeezed him tighter. “I love how we’re dancing to no music,” I said. He smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

I wasn’t really conscious of it before, but we do this quite often. We just hug for a while, moving back and forth in a silent slow dance, because no words need to be exchanged. I look up at him and just…lose myself in his gaze. There’s this certain connection I can’t really describe. I guess you can call it…love.

Love will come find you

Created: Feb 12, 2010

Tags: dance, love, beach

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