Evil Child

By ZoomPie

Lucifer's little girly-girls
Have big blue eyes
Just like yours
A firey passion for
Tiny pin-prick pleasures
The finest stitches hold it all together
The weather in Hell is bright today
Tongues licking and teeth knashing
Mashed potatoes
Dyed pink for the occassion
Of your girlie's birthday wish
So blow the candle (blow fast and hard)
Let it scream for its mother, brother, son
They are tittering, toppeling
Drinking the milk of dead cows
Whose moos moos moos doth dot
Heaven's stairway, cows can't climb
But their bells ring around the Rosies,
My dear, my darling
While starlings nasty little baby-kins
Scream from your Barbie-pink house's
Eves of skanky beginnings

Evil Child

Created: Feb 12, 2010


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