Still Life

By ZoomPie

We cannot stop wanting, stop needing, the silent one
Mysterious faces drawing wider conclusions
More exacting than your words
Living the lie, the beautiful tableau
Serenity suspended beneath the sheets
Your face in the dark still luminous and telling

What complex beauty stills my breath
Misunderstood gnostic teller of fortunes
Bide stillness to move aside
To make way for possibility for change for movement

Understanding breeds silver beneath my skin
Shimmering clarity in shining golds and blues
Each thump thump of my heart felt, silently acknowledged
A tremendous passing of time

I'm here
(I'm gone)
I'm awake
(you're gone)
We're never two places together at once
And so, disconnected, alone, but alike

Truth in words so catching, so sticky (so tacky)
Lies fly as wildfire catching consuming destroying logical connections
We need the silence the stillness the calm
We need your images
To make sense of it all

Still Life

Created: Feb 12, 2010


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