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By ZoomPie

Just thoughts...

You terrify my air, my emptiness, love.
For the loss of you would cave me in utterly.
That is too much pressure now
All warmth and silky laughter, beautifully encased in the safest chest I've known,
You could sink it all at once with monosyllabic go
What now

I'm holding my breath
And you're hiding dirty little secrets inside your
Dirty big secrets inside your
Dreams inside your
Favorite listless phrases
I don't know, I don't care, yes

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum
Covering up
Sorting it out

However do you happen to me again and again?
Those roses growing over aging walls youre afraid to show
I can sense the water inside you
Sloshing in caves
Beating against your chest
Watering gardens you thought were fallow (not so)
Your storms don't frighten or deter me, I can swim for days.
But the calm is killing us, truly.
Choke me gently on the deepest waters, you'll find me drinking you in
Let me tap you, run through one drop at a time
Mermaids are everywhere, even now, patient and playful
What now
Don't rush

So you say you don't know, you just don't know
Know that everything hangs on that
(And here, to myself, I say don't plead)
But I want you (there it is)
Beside me.

You needn't be complete, or done, or doing it all right;
I'm not
Just please, walk beside me, let us be light and dance
I'll not run away, I'll give you your freedom
You are forgiven and loved and scarcely alone
Take chances with me, change your path; try it backwards
I'll spin with you until were dizzy
I have nothing to say I'm just waiting for you
What now

Release Title

Created: Feb 12, 2010


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