Like a Girl, Again

By ZoomPie

Like a girl, again.
Current mood: mellow
I do say, sir

Your smile did stop me
Stopped my breath
(breathe, girl, breathe)
Forgot I was woman, and had been doing this for years

Let me look at you awhile
My face in your eyes
See how we meld
(and remember to think)
(he needs you to think)

A small voice (or was it mine)
Introduced us
Your name I'll remember among the others
You will not be forgotten (or left unmolested, if I have my way)

So simple
My first thought, to touch you,
My next, why?
Why you, and me, and this unrelenting urge?
And how eternal, this instinct
And how un-intellectual.

And on to knowing.
Learning you
Soaking you in like a sponge (always soaking)
So used to always wanting more
But feeling oddly content with what I have
With what you give
With just you

You make me happy. That is all.

Like a Girl, Again

Created: Feb 12, 2010


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