By ZoomPie

Masked in
Tiger stripes bleeding my sul
Poisoned by the air he breathes out, she breathes in
I collapse
Agitated and aware

So simple, so dramatically essential, this skin, this exhaustive energy
Shaking and horrified, awakening to darkness building
Voids collapse in succession; tears watering the cracked desert of ancient pain
Drowning sleep, melancholy humidity
I descend
Willing hostile takeover

I, I
Convincing myself not to believe in I
Wounded I contorts into assimilated life, crawls onward
Leaving behind trails of dust quickly brushed aside
Leave it, let it fail someone else
I depart

Such light in love, such simple words
Such easy sacrifice and guiltless pleasure
Convinced the storm clouds were a summer rain
Violent but quick to abate
A childs ephemeral tantrum
I fell within a vacuum, not feeling the falling
Until the floor gave way to stunned silence
Munchs Scream a vividly abominable reality
Abandoned by you


Created: Feb 12, 2010


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