By ZoomPie

A Ballerina never was born
She was strapped, tied into
Tiny hard lil' pink shoes
And made to bleed from the feet
While her hands waved pretty
Little greetings to the glittering eyes
In the back row
"A Stunning Display of Virtuosity"
A man's best friend-fuck
In a starving boney body
One more "in" than he has
One more in in in
Hair pulled so tight to
Cover her boney lil' brain
In her princess faery doll face
Mindfullness - fullness to fill the in in in
She spins ins ins until we hit
Our hands together clap clap clap
Off the stage
See ya later allygator-girl
See ya in the papes
A daddy's girl, maybe?
Stay small, hide your pain 'n
We'll pray that you fall on your face
To make us feel sorry for someone
Oh, what good people we are
To feel so sorry


Created: Feb 12, 2010


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