Unexpected Child

By teafaerie

Okay - here is the Faerie being bold and beautiful...

My husband and I have wonderful a mutual girlfriend, and this is a song that I wrote for her birthday whilst I was away in Thailand a few years ago. It's a completely embarrassing recording by almost any measure - It's me singing acapella on my 2004 phone cam, and it's way way sappy and dorky, so apologies in advance and be forewarned and all that.

I'm posting it because it's her birthday again tomorrow, (there will be parties over several days) and I thought it would be extra awesome if I could actually produce a version of this with music and good singing and so forth. By which I mean that I really hope someone(s) will quick like bunny record a version of this that doesn't suck for me. Feel free (always and of course) to change the tune as much as you like... I love to write songs but I don't know anything about music except for the how magic it is part.

Lyrics below:

just when i thought I'd got a handle on my life
a cozy little family just a husband and a wife
I suddenly discovered I was bursting at the seams
as two became a trio re-arranging all my dreams

unexpected child like a bolt out of the blue
a miracle a mystery I'm doubting what I thought I knew
unexpected child like a lost thing found
a force that's changing everything that's turning my whole world around

sometimes I thought of ending it before it could begin
but to kill a thing alive inside me feels like a sin
i thought that if we gave you up one day you'd understand
much happier with someone else who had you in their plans

you wake up crying in the middle of the night
and it breaks my heart to tell you everything will be all right
you make me want to push myself to be all that I can
to conquer my own demons to appreciate to understand

unexpected child like a twist in the plot
to know a whole new kind of love
reminding me what I forgot
unexpected child like a message from within
connecting me to something greater
changing what it means to win

we teach each other something new about ourselves each day
discovering together as we work and as we play
and when I look into you eyes I know that you are mine
and I'm grateful to the universe for bringing me a gift so fine

unexpected child like the truth brought home
the sudden revelation of the something I have always known
unexpected child like a wish come true
my love for you is unexpected child

Unexpected Child

Created: Feb 12, 2010


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