San Andres

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The warm sun promised to multiply my freckles as we ran down the beach shores of San Andres, our laughter picked up by the wind and carried out to sea. We were in the middle of a fierce game of tag, and you were chasing me down. This was your game: Long and lean, you were built to run. Short and clumsy, I was built to get caught. I knew I was at a huge disadvantage but I didn’t care, playing with you was one of my favorite things to do.

It wasn’t long before I felt your skinny hand tap my back lightly – you were triumphant once again. Fine, I’ll give you a run for your money. I may be short and slow but I refuse to go down without a fight! I turned around and began to chase after you, running as fast as my eight-year-old legs would allow me to. It wasn’t fast. I lost sight of you quicker than I could count to 10. I made my way to the area populated by palm trees and beach umbrellas and searched for your face; I could spot your pouty lips anywhere.

When I did spot them, they were devouring a piece of fresh watermelon. The pink, fruity juice still ran down your fingers as you gave me a piece of my own. We sat on the sand, toasted to your birthday with our watermelon slices, and stared at the crystalline waters before us. “Feliz cumple Jeins!” I said cheerfully. “Gracias Carolo” you replied and smiled. This was the last birthday we celebrated together.

This week marks two years since you passed dear cousin. I miss you everyday.

Created: Feb 11, 2010


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