Character Sketch #2 - iambatgirl's "White Rabbit"

By Jules Alder

CHARACTER SKETCH #2 - for iambatgirl's "White Rabbit"

Author's Note: In my Wonderland, rabbit holes are once again rabbit-sized. As you can imagine, this return to natural order has been a great relief to all the rabbit folk who have places to be and schedules to keep and who are constantly stitching time for travel.

CHARACTER NAME: Mr. White Rabbit (First name TBD by Hit Recorder mash-up).

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: (In the visual, cathartic and motivational senses).

[Hit Recorder username] White Rabbit has given up on Time. Tired of eternal lateness, he became downright ill-tempered after arguing with the March Hare that time had not been murdered and that if anyone could murder it, that omnipotent being wouldn't be the Mad Hatter. Oh, no. The resultant problem surfaced when [Hit Recorder username] White Rabbit finally realized no omnipotent beings seemed to be about at all. Astounded so late in life to discover that he is an atheist without a deity, a subject without a monarch, a slave without an overlord, and an employee without a boss, he has stopped hurrying so much and has begun to give in to a long-overdue, self-indulgent listlessness.

To cover for his lack of verve, [Hit Recorder username] White Rabbit has adopted a stern demeanor. Oh, he still dresses like a Rabbit of Distinction. And when people talk to him, he responds in kind, pointing to the sun, or showing them the time when they ask their mundane, useless questions. Once or twice, he thinks the attractive Mz. [Hit Recorder username] White Rabbit might stop her own scurrying to say hello. She never does. He believes this is karma taking effect for his callous youth when he couldn't seem to be able to pull his head out of his ass over Time--oh, if only he had known!

But hope springs eternal. He has begun to notice little things, like that there are things he doesn't know about; he can actually learn something new every day. He notices that Alice has returned, that she's changed--much older now, more sure of herself. He notices that Alice's changes are for the better and wonders why the only changes in Wonderland seem to signify turns for the worse. He notices on the sly that Mz. [Hit Recorder username] White Rabbit loves to munch on rose petals and so he puts one in his breast pocket, just in case he ever gets the chance to give her the time of day.

He notices in particular that the waters in Wonderland have recently reversed their flow and that this seems to have coincided with Alice's return and suffers the dilemma of whether or not to tell someone about this--the problem there, of course, being who to tell. Who the bloody hell is in charge of things in Wonderland anyway, he wants to know.

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Not sure what this is? Check out the Alice collab:

Character Sketch #2 - iambatgirl's

Created: Feb 11, 2010


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