Gwen talks about "SHOW & TELL" on camera. <3

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It appears there are a few places where the audio and video are out of sync with each other, but this really could have been an audio RECord anyway. ;)

"SHOW & TELL" show
(first / rough outline of segments)

1. Opening Intro!
a. Theme Song Plays ("A HitRECord Hello")
b. SHOW & TELL RECords Appear on Screen
c. HitRECorder Audio/Video Greetings

2. Featured RECords!
a. Drawings & Paintings
b. Posters & Photos
c. Music & Spoken Word
d. Videos & Movie Scenes
e. REmixes & Collaborations

3. Featured HitRECorders!
(TOP SECRET until the SHOW is Released!) =)

4. Totally Random Auditions!
a. Sing for the camera.
b. Read to the camera.
c. Act for the camera.
d. Perform a self-written monologue on camera.
e. Dance for the camera.
f. Play an instrument on camera.
g. Vocabulary: Recite an interesting word, give
its spelling, and tell us the definition. More
than one is fine, but try to limit yourself to
3 per video you make. If you do this, please
include the VOCABULARY WORDS you are using in
the TITLE of the RECord you contribute. =)

5. Let's Get Interactive!
a. Questions about the site.
b. Questions about the show.
c. Questions for other HitRECorders.
d. Questions for RegularJOE
e. "Why I Hit RECord" RECords (for inspiration)

6. Movie Madness! ("Movies Worth Mentioning")
a. Movies Gwen recommends.
b. Movies HitRECorders recommend.
c. Movies JOE recommends (if he gets in on this.) =)

a. "Again by Heart" song plays.
b. Again by heart art appears on screen.
c. HitRECorders say "Goodbye" in different languages.
d. Credits appear onscreen- if not mentioned earlier.
e. HitRECorders say "Again by heart" in different languages.
f. Fade Out


Please contribute to the SHOW & TELL collaboration here:

The *New* HitRECord "SHOW & TELL" Show!!!

Thank you!!!


Your ideas are WELCOME! Nothing is set in stone...
and this is really just one big collaboration of collaborations!


Created: Feb 11, 2010

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