the kitten stories (chapter 13, school)

By spin

School :


Bree slides her phone shut and walks over to Adam and Kiara, her black and white polka dot leggings standing out against her chained black mini and tie dye halter.


KIARA: “ decided for a random look today huh chica.”

BREE: “ nah, more comfort, but hey its totally there.”

ADAM: “ what happened to your arm you look like you slammed it against a pole?”

BREE: “ I got hit by a BW Beetle…..”


Adam bursts out laughing and Kiara smacks him in the back of the head.

KIARA: “ hey, not funney.”

ADAM: “yes it is. She cant make fun of all the times I got hit by stuff.”

BREE: “ oh yes I can, I didn’t get hit 10 times as a pedestrian. One of which involves a hybrid and another that involves a moped.”

ADAM: “ HEY!!!”

KIARA: “ Really?”

BREE: “ yeah, really?”

KIARA: “ that’s bad Adam. But chica we should take you up to the health office and get you checked out. Did you hit your head at all?”

BREE: “ look guys, I’ll be fine, I just got a head ach and a bruised arm…not too much different from any other day.”

ADAM: “ yeah, except the torn back pack. How’d you manage that one?”

BREE: “ Tripped on a curb and the seem ripped. But hey before I got hit I saved my camera and my drawings, but I’m afraid my binder of forever has now bitten the dust.”


Bree holds up the binder that’s been shredded in 1/2, the rainbow duct tape that was holding it together ripped, rings bent and broken beyond repair. A sad look washes over her face as she looks at the binder that she has had since 6th grade. So many good memories…


KIARA: “hey want one of mine? My mom baught me too many and its blue! It’s a bit worn but it works.”

BREE: “ sure? Either of you two happen to have a mini sewing kit?”

ADAM:  “ like you even had to ask. Here.”

BREE: “ With how often you get holes in your pants I figured it was a 50 50 shot. “


Its true, he is always snagging a pant leg on a fence, or tripping over a rock or something. He has always been one of those who cant do anything with out injuring himself or his clothes. But when it counts he’s always able to to pull it all together with out getting hurt too badly.


ADAM: “ hello? Anyone home? The bell rang your gonna be late to woodshop AGAIN!”

BREE: “ Oh Shit! C ya!”


Bree shoves the binder and the sewing kit into her bag and slides into her seat just in time to hear the bell ring. Bree pops her head up when she hears her name and sees a substitute teacher. Translation, quiet day. The day when the talkers talk even louder, the kids leave for the bathroom and don’t come back and the rest pretend like their working. Bree turns to look at her back pack and starts to wonder how she is going to secure the zipper. Line sewing wont do it unless she does it like a million times. Then again she is in here for about 2 hours.  She grabs the needle and the neon thread and starts on her way sewing back and fourth while the teacher tries to incorporate what todays lesson was supposed to be.


She finishes her bag with far too much spare time and tests the zipper. But before she can pull out her book she hears the PA system kick on.




While the sub figures out what to do, one of the loud girls grab the keys off her desk and walks over to the door while another kid turns off the lights and motion for the kids to quiet their phones. Some kids are sending txt messages to their parents or other kids around the school and some are grabbing their stuff and heading towards the wall when they all hear it. A gun shot hitting something metal near bye. Every one drops to the floor, they hear screams coming from near bye classrooms full of terrified kids. Bree quietly grabs her knife out of her bag, scoots over to the tool closet and gropes for something heavy and metal. Her hands find one of the larger heavier long wood clamps with the 3 feet of excess metal and she adjusts it so she has the longest grip with the bulk of the weight at one end. The loud girl with the long brown hair who shut the door scoots over to her and wispers.


“please say you aren’t really going to try to be a hero.”

“no, but if that person comes in here I am so not going down helpless. “

“this isn’t the movies Bree! That isn’t going to help you or anyone else in here, this is about surviving not pride.”

“yeah, hence the big fucking wood clamp.”


Another gunshot hits something close to the classroom making the brown haired girl jump and cower. Bree puts her arm around her to try to comfort her.


“ I have too much to live for, I don’t wana die like this. I waned to be a doctor, I wanted to be Dr. Eliot Alender and have kids and stuff. God I don’t want to die like this. I … ”

“ shhhhh…. It’s alright, you aren’t going to die, none of us are.”


Eliot leans into Bree and several more gunshots go off, they can hear some guy yelling at the top of his lungs only hearing bits and pieces of what he’s saying. And Bree starts thinking about what Eliot said. Bree didn’t have any real goals for her life, she didn’t even really want to get a deploma. She took everything in stride, never really planned ahead for much of anything. Her life has always been hectic and so she never bothered.  She wasn’t looking for a free ride mind you but she thought that she wanted to live long enough to get over her past. Bree’s hands begin to shake and quiver at the memory flash that comes for just a brief second when she feels someone wiping her face. She brings her brain back to now and see’s it’s Eliot.


“ You okay Bree?”

 “ yeah sorry, was just thinking about stuff”


all of a sudden the door handle to their classroom starts rattling like someone is trying to open the door. It gets so quiet that not even a breath is heard amongst the students.




“ shit, shit shit shit!!!”


“he is looking for me.”


“he hit me with a car this morning. And tried to hit his girlfriend infront of me and I kept him from doing it. And now he is uber pissed. Get everyone into a safer room, there isn’t a class in the photo lab right now and he doesn’t go here, he doesn’t know it’s even there. Get the class into the photo lab and hide yourselfs, it’ll be cramped but that’s okay.”

“ don’t try to be the hero”

“ I’m not, I’m doing the right thing. I’m the person he is looking for. And no one is going to get hurt in my place.  Do it now!”


She gets the kids into the photo lab and shuts the door. Bree sends a quick txt to Patrick telling him that she loves him, regardless if he likes her or not at least she said it. She dials 911 and quiety tells them where on campus he is and leaves her phone connected to the operator under a desk. She grabs some of the heavy tools and sets them next to the door just in case keeping her wood clamp close but hidden, her knife in her bra held secretly in place by her underwire.


“ in here!”


She dives under the side of a table while she hears 5 shots fired into the door handle, hearing the door squeak open and foot steps walking towards her.


“ you just RUINED MY LIFE!! Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is for me to get a girlfriend!”

“ well if you were more respectful of women there wouldn’t have been a problem. “


“Okay! I’m listening.”


He steps towards her keeping his gaze at eyelevel and his pistol towards her face.

“ I’ve been in love with that woman for 3 years. And you just ended that! I cant get into football now cause of what you did to my ankle. You have RUINED ME…”


He points the gun and shoots near bree’s feet making her to jump backwards.


“ … I HATE YOU!!! You and your FUCKING WASH LAWS! YOU shouldn’t call yourself peace keeper. You Aint a peace keeper, you’re a stupid bitch who messes in other peoples business.”




Her voice drops all pleasantries  and becomes numb.

“ I didn’t chose that name it was given to me. I’m only a bitch when picked on. And you are the one who’s stupid.”

“ care to explain your thought behind that before I fucking kill you.”

“ you put an entire school under lock down, 90% of which have cell phones. You and your friends picked that fight and lost, and she would have broken up with you due to your abusive nature.  So no matter what you just ruined your own fucking life. Especially now cause I guarantee that there are cops here by now. I don’t tolerate people like you. Do you wana add murder to your charges? don’t be stupid and really ruin your life.”


He shoots near her feet again, this time she doesn’t flinch, she is so numb that she just lets the shocking sound roll over her. She stares him right in the eyes, he dares himself closer and points the gun closer to her forehead. 


Bree starts thinking how things even got to this point. She never tried to run into anyone in the wash, she didn’t mean to mess up this guys life even though he would have probably done it himself eventually. By taking things in stride she may have just gotten herself killed, she can see how angry he is, she can see he is twitchy. But she cant bring herself to sympathize for him.


 Every person she has ever tousled with or faught with, she didn’t want to hurt them irreparably. Could this be the first time she could hurt someone badly with out feeling guilty about it? Did this mean she was losing her humanity? In a few years could she be doing something like this without caring about the countless people who would need therapy or stitches or gravestones?




“no I wont be like this.”


“you, I don’t want to be like you. I don’t want to not care about the effects I have on other people. So I’ll tell you the same thing I said to the last person that was stupid enough to stick a gun in my face. “


bree reaches out her hand and pulls the gun barrel to her forehead closing the last foot of distance between them.

“Pull the trigger.”

“wait what??”

“ did I studder? Pull the trigger.”

“ I’m not going to pull it cause you tell me to.”

“ You do understand that I got my name for a reason right? If I’m just going to ruin everyone’s lives then fucking kill me. I’m not doing my job. We have 10 laws, they are simple and have an obvious reason for each, to prevent shit like this. But there will always be ass holes like you who don’t listen or think to pay attention to the world around you and the consequences that happen from your every thought.  ”


She lays one of her hands lightly on her pendant letting her other hand drift slightly behind her close to but not grasping the wood clamp. Then she hears a light gasp from the other side of the room. Jake notices the sound and looks up to see a door cracked and begins point his gun in the direction of Eliot. Time slows down, bree grabs the knife and slashes the wrist holding the gun as her left hand grabs the wood clamp, making her body spin so that she hit him as hard as she could in the back of the head. His gun fires but misses its mark by about 2 feet. He staggers for a second and drops to his knees and stares at the blood flowing from his wrist. Bree kicks his head making sure to hit him in the same spot as the wood clamp.




she hears the soft click of the door latching and turns back to Jake. Jake is still staring at his wrist and the growing puddle of blood he is dripping on the ground. He starts shaking but grips his pistol tighter and takes aim at bree.


“ fine, I’ll start with the damage you did to me.”


She goes to swing the wood clamp at the gun but her hit doesn’t connect in time. He aims for her ankle and pulls the trigger, but due to his shaking he only grazes it enough to make it bleed for a while. The wood clamp connects and the gun goes flying across the room. Bree goes to swing at his skull again with the clamp aiming for is head again.  He starts to move towards the gun when an officer enters with gun drawn.

 Bree is already in full swing when she notices the office and cant stop the clamp in time before it connects with his skull. The second before it connects she stops feeling numb and feel an emence pressure of guilt for what is about to happen. The clamp connects and he drops with no hint of movement, his skull bleeding perfusely blood spattered across brees hands..




three more officers come into the room guns drawn only to notice that bree has bloo spatter all over her hands. they know they are here to get the boy but a single tear escapes her eyes as her emotions shut down at the horror that lay before her.


 “ Miss are you okay? You’re bleeding.”

“ I’m fine, I don’t feel it. Go tell the kids behind the door over there that its okay to come out now.”

“ Miss, you’re bleeding heavily. We should patch you up. We have a medical car out front I’ll escort you to it.”

“let me get my phone..”


She reaches under the desk and hangs up her phone. There was a reply txt from Patrick.



FROM: Patrick B<3

I love you too. =) I’m happy u feel the same. Riff called me and asked if I could grab u after school for Griffith, I’ll be there in like 30 min. I have something for you. Wana have lunch together?”



TO: Patrick B<3

=) yes I would!!! But the school is under lock down and I need to go to the ambulance cause I got a good graze. Yes I’m fine. See you in a bit. “


The officer walks her over to the ambulance where she waits for them and the school to release her.


the kitten stories (chapter 13, school)

Created: Aug 16, 2011


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