Unnamed Song/Poem

By MikeInTime

I wrote these at about 3am a long time ago, not the greatest, but I think I can spruce them up a little bit later on, turn them into a song or something.


Dropped in wind, a tail end hurricane,
the bright from the stars can't compare;
Typhoon fire destroying the calm,
but dies down and surrendered to your stare.
Starlight lanterns illuminating
the haunting blues and whites
of the windows to your soul;
Gathering myself with my hands,
only to stumble in the gaze that which
transforms all to beautiful.
The kettle burns by coal fire,
warms the night like your smile
warms me. Can't not admire;
extending through the haze of day,
the cure for modern life mundane.
Singing through this deafness of mine,
your voice carries on to lift me away

Soil aspires to the ground you'd walk on
Sunset glow lightens the room
hides the shadows to open the view
to yourself standing in the corner, alone.
Warmth from the memory of the touch
of the ones combined, of the arms
as the world uses you as it's crutch

Unnamed Song/Poem

Created: Feb 11, 2010


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