Paid project: your footage on an official music video!!

By advancedspectrum

Hi All,

I am a musician based in Toronto, Canada. I am releasing my debut instrumental album world-wide. I am looking to produce a music video for one of my songs (5 min long). I want to use user taken footage for the video.

Topics I am looking for: human spirit, strength, endurance, vitory, man vs. animal, animal fighting back predetor, victory in games or olympics, triumph of the special needs people, etc.

Anything that shows that be it man or animal, we all have it in us to face our toughest opponent and fight back. Whether we lose or win, the spirit perseveres.

You can view my website at and see some other videos I created. You can hear a clip of the song I want to use. The song is called "In My Spirit" and is available by lanching my media player.

Payment can be discussed.

You will get credits, the video will be viewed by a large number on Youtube, Facebook, MySpace and more and you are free to use the video to promote yourself provided you do not change it or remove the song and my credits. A BIG credit will be given to the Vimeo user community!!!

This is a great chance for use to collaborate on something great and amazing. If you would like to discuss further feel free to contact me on vimeo or We can make sure both our work is protected under proper rights.

Looking forward to hearing from the community.

Paid project: your footage on an official music video!!

Created: Feb 10, 2010


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