Love Letter

By itscarolina

Beloved Paris,

Today, I can’t bring together two thoughts together that do not involve you. I awoke this morning thinking, “Go visit, she waits!”, but forced the thought to quickly flee my mind as obligations greeted me at dawn. Heartbreak ensued.

I will never forget the days I spent with you: cobblestone streets, provocative art, succulent treats and ancient charm. The vivid memories we formed carry my imagination to you -- in daydreams I visit, walk & taste you. In you I live a thousand years, madly in love, fully alive.

I longingly count the days to our next meeting, to which, as promised, I will bring a lover – my two loves will unite. Till the day I again walk your streets and enjoy your charms, stay well and thrive my dear, beloved Paris.


Love Letter

Created: Feb 10, 2010


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