Snow's Lament

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Just woke up at 3:30 to the sound of the wind...and the anticipation of a "snow day" my fifth year in college...a college that cancels classes for NO MAN. hah. There's something to be said for still having hope, right?

I feel like this is an appropriate time for my first RECord. Lemme know if this catches your eye at all today! Or if you wanna play around with it...Doooo it

SNOW: (addressing …someone behind camera…reading a self-written, bittersweet love poem from a sheet of paper)

“I’ll come and go
And on hot summer nights
When you dream of the Holidays… and cozy fires

(Looking right in to the camera) You’ll think of me.

And on those sad Mondays (A flashback of snow playing with little kids)
When life seems to catch up to you
And a little bit of your childhood…just wants to build a snowman

(Looking right in to the camera) You’ll miss me

When you curse and stab at me (clip of angry snow shoveler)
With plastic shovels
After I try and cover you… in a blanket of purity

(A little confused as to whether he wrote this last part) I know you’ll miss me

And as you slip and fall (Clip of dramatic tumble in the snow)
After the sun melts me away
And I refreeze … re-injuring that bad knee of yours

(Realizing something is up) Wait that’s not what I meant

And when your tires spin out because of me
And you’re stuck in an intersection (scared person in car)
Staring death in the face… as a speeding truck…

(Obviously distraught) Hey, That’s not what I wrote!

(Composing himself to continue reading) And when you find out my middle name
Isn’t ‘Flake’
It’s Herbert…

(Furious and embarrassed) WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!! Who changed my poem?! How dare you!!” (He focuses on something behind camera…and bolts toward it)

*A scuffle*

(The camera turns to reveal the sun chuckling and snow melted to a puddle, sad and crying on the floor)

Created: Feb 10, 2010


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