Destiny's Eleventeeth Date Attire

By jenyffer.maria

Let me first say that I would gladly raid Destiny's wardrobe.
Alright, so how awesome is that Sarah has graced us with a continuation!?!?! Anyway, this is the second Personette I did for this story but I inked this one up first so I could post it first. I just had to get out what I visioned what Destiny wore to this date. I wanted to give her an almost safari look but keeping in mind her character and also our dear Lexy Hulme. I want to color it, since I imagine their world having a bit more color since their first date ended in color. Not too much color, her outfit is pretty much khaki maybe a pale (super pale) pink -- we'll see.

I'll be back in a bit with the second doodle. :D
PS: the scanner cut off her hat!

Destiny's Eleventeeth Date Attire

Created: Feb 10, 2010

Tags: destiny, personette, date, morgan m. morgansen, jenyffer.maria doodle

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