By AmandaCA

Some may think having a "broken heart" is a metaphor. Only because you don't literally love with your heart, you love with your soul and with your mind. So then what causes the physical pain because you're not here? My heart aches, my soul aches, my mind aches.. You've taken over my dreams- something I have no control over. No one prepares you for falling head over heels in love. It's not something you can be taught, or something you can read in a book, it's an ability you're born with. Some people never get the opportunity to utilize this ability. I have, and I don't just love YOU- I love the moments you've placed in my memory. The things no one can take from me, things only you and I experienced together. Happiness is described as an emotion, not something you feel physically, but there's no other way to explain how I FELT in your arms. You literally convinced my heart to beat, and I wanted to say Thank You. Thank You for sharing something with me, that some people only dream about.


Created: Feb 09, 2010


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