Short thriller film synopis

By Simondo

I wrote this short story about 3 years ago, a script was developed but I was never happy with it.

I see this project as a mass colaboration, from script to a completed short film. I would like to be involved as a Editor, but with regards to everything else, im totally up for a collaboration, from script to the finished product. I belive the more involved the better. I hope you like the basic story/idea.

Six numbers

A story by Simon Conroy

Six Numbers starts of with a couple walking into a bar in the early evening. They have been travelling all day and are very tired. The bar has about 16 people inside, and in the background is the noise of a TV show. The couple walk up to the bar to order a drink and the girl notices the lottery results are about to be called. She nudges the man she is with to get his ticket, as he paying for drinks. He empties his pocket in a hurry to get the ticket and pays the bargirl. The first 3 numbers have been called, and she says, “shit we have a tenner, ok everyone wil these numbers, we want 20, 3 and 8”. The bar doesn’t take much notice to the slightly drunk girl but humour her. The next two numbers come out, “bang bang”, there is two distant bangs heard from outside. The girl stares at the TV and everything is in slow motion, she sees the final number come out, it’s hers!!. She screams, a light goes out and the entrance door slams and locks. The couple quickly realise why, the locals want that ticket. She runs for where she can light and throws herself through a window, while the locals are still in shock at her reactions, the man she was with escapes out the back door. She is running towards the parked car and jumps in the seat, she screams at the man, “where’s the dam keys”, the man realises in horror that he left them on the bar when he was looking about getting the ticket out. “We have to go on foot” the couple are running for their lives, the girls arm is bloody where glass scratched at her as she put her arm through the window. The locals are not far behind.

The couple are running through a dark wood, and are realising that the locals are no longer a immediate threat and start to walk and question what just happened. They take a look around to see if it is clear, they sit down on a fallen branch, and try and see if they can use there mobile phone, but because they are so far out in the country there is no signal at all. The girl hears a very distant sound that appears to be coming from infront of them, but nothing to be seen. She gets up to see what it is, but there is nothing around. They realise they are still in unknown lands and need to get out of here fast, so they start walking and a loud sound is heard! It’s a gunshot, then another one is heard, the guy falls to the ground hes been shot, in the leg. She screams, and he tells her to run, after them arguing about splitting up, she runs, and she runs so fast that the adrenalin, is taking over. She sees a place that she can hide herself in.

She lays down quiet, she can hear footsteps come closer and closer, crushing twigs and leaves, she holds her breath and trys her best not to move. She can hear 2 or three people talking, “shes nowhere shes gone, we need to get back to bury that body, face it, he didn’t have the ticket and shes gone. The locals turn back and head back to were the guy was shot, as soon as they disappear out her point of view she gets up and runs. The sound of dogs in the distance. She is extremely tired and upset, and out of options, until she hears a engine sound in the far distance. This is her chance to get away and to safety. She looks around and makes sure its clear, other than dogs barking, but that is really quite far away. She makes a final run for it, The locals are about 400 metres from them. The girl runs as fast as she can to the car that is getting closer. A gun shot goes off, The locals have shot her in her arm , sheer panic and adrenalin sets in!! She gets to the side of the rd, and the girl screams at the car to stop. The driver of the car, is a young girl who shouts at her to get in. As she gets in she sees her boyfriend in the back covered in blood.


While the locals left the guy on the ground, he struggled into the woods and flagged a car down, the driver sees he is clearly distressed and then he says “listen, if you save me ill pay you £25,000.00 The driver is the girl from the bar, and remembers bumping into him, she is unsure but lets him in the car.

End of flash back

The driver puts her footdown and they drive of.

The car drives of into the distance and to safety. This is where the films stops and the whole film rewinds to 20 minutes before they walked into the bar. A bored looking bargirl is looking at her watch saying “where is he, he’s late, oh i am going to be late”. She is sat behind the bar watching TV. The phone goes and she presses pause on the programme “no he’s not here yet, he’s late, as usual, not long I hope, see you soon”. She takes the video of pause it’s a video she recorded from last Saturday of a TV show she’s been following. A group of locals walk in and sit down, she gets them a drink. A man walks in, the bar. “finally you are here, i am of” says the girl. The girl gets up puts her coat on and leaves without pressing stop on the video. As she walks out the bar she bumps into a couple that walk in. The programme she was watching had ended and the tape is now playing last week’s lottery show.


Simon Conroy

So thats the idea, that what they thought was the winning ticket wasnt and the numbers they saw come out were from a recording the week before.

Short thriller film synopis

Created: Feb 09, 2010

Tags: collaborative storytelling, short script, scripts, short film script

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