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The time I spend in bookstores
I find my happy place
The day's majority is spent
Immersed in the rat-race

But bookstore folk are simple
They don't go to impress
They're there with common interest
No one minds how they look, or dress

The hippie comes in barefoot,
The business man in his tie,
The school girl in uniform,
But no one cares, know why?

Each one enters with a plan
They're unique, and yet, the same
A common bond unites them
& it's NOT the pursuit of fame

The young girl heads to fiction
The hippie walks the aisle
The businessman looks in Finance
But each one stays a while

A bond is formed at the checkout line
As each one shares "the look"
United now, with heads held high
They each exalt - their book

Created: Feb 09, 2010


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