By abandonedpeace

the bottle washed away in the currents,
sending the only words i have left to say,
off to a distant place with distant people.

my mouth was sealed shut with staples,
when he stole it away in the whisper of the night,
when my purest essence was carried off with wings.

i wish for the waves to erode the nightmare,
i wish for the endless nights to fade it out,
i wish most of all for my gnarwled thoughts to whisked away.

the reality is time does not heal in the slightest of ways,
each night seems to reinact the series of events that night,
of what happened in a locked away place kept too close for comfort.

carrying the legacy of life in its purest essence,
has be stolen, even more,
forced from my out-reaching grasp.

but i will not leave with a sorrowfull sigh,
instead with a hopeful search for possibilities to regain,
regain what precious dignity i held that faithful night.


Created: Feb 09, 2010


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