A CONVERSATION (comes full circle 3rd remix)

By mushr

I released the original text record. Major Thom remixed it. Then, Jules remixed
it some more. Now, Major Thom suggested that I do a grand remix, and sorta tie
these remixes up together to where the story comes full circle. This is an attempt.


So it ends as it begins: with your hands coursing through the length of my memory. We have traveled through time, like doves that have flown the breadth of the world. I have mapped your sensation inside of my thighs. I have given birth to your child, & time mistaken him for her own, tooketh away.

A small tree stands there now at the corner of my kitchen, watching us. He has my hair: soft, green, with a little sunlight in them. He has your body: dark, sinewy, bendable, but never sways to the wind. On this tabletop I see constellations. I see your name written on it, too. It never fit into my mouth.

The hourglass is awake and recollecting the sands of its memory.

How does one go back to what they have never known, yet know, from the knowledge of the fruit the inevitability of this moment? How can there be traces of evidence then of what can only now exists ? This was the small beginning of my life expectancy. This was the instance the sand started to fall from the hourglass of origin.

It streams now, this drop of infinity that hides inside the curve of our palms. I would like to rearrange your smile. Will this make you harder to find? I would like to write your name on the walls of this kitchen, just to stake my claim. I want to go back now to this second, our home, where you and I always find each other.

Dare I now cut into the heart of this pear that sits on the table? Do I dare take a small bite? Do I fix your collar first? I want to hang on to every sensation that falls from you, as we carve into the unknown.

As the knife sears, the tabletop disappears. Your hand gently cradles my head and you whisper into my ear . "This is just the beginning".

Authors note: This is a first draft. If anyone still wants to do a further remix, alternate remix of this, or on the entire story, please feel free to do so. That would be really cool.

A CONVERSATION  (comes full circle 3rd remix)

Created: Feb 08, 2010


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