Loquacious Leaf and the Cocoon Caper

By Major Thom

The world can be quite elephantine sometimes, especially when you feel small and all alone.

The towering rushwoods that extend like furry tentacles to the very tips of your sight and segment the sky. The great crabgrass labyrinth so dense and immense that none of my kin have ever walked to see the end of it. The harsh pitch mound desert that lies somewhere in the heart of that bewildering maze where the red ones have their stronghold. The formidable Ocean of Pond that is so vast that it is, in an adventurers view, a whole world of it's own, each lilly pad like a small floating continent. ..And then there is the largest and most glorious expanse of them all, the celestial veil, which can only be fully taken in from the flatlands; and on clear nights the twinkling spirits of my antcestors can be seen magnified in the dark mirrors that gather in the concave leaves near the tops of the tulip trees.

Yeah, the world sure can be elephantine and lonely sometimes, ...especially when your a ronin ant... *sigh*

Oh, Goodness me! Where are my manners? Leaf Rushwood's the name, Leaf because that's the place the ill-humoured haul-master would most often find me when their was work being done and Rushwood, well cause all ants last names reflect where their tribe's capitol hill is. For most it's a point of pride and something worth fighting for, but I never been much fer fighting meself so I've taken to callin myself Loquacious Leaf, which is the prettiest soundin' word I could conjure to illustrate to folks the truth of my incurable long-windedness. You seem to have caught me in a particularly garrulous mood. You see, you have chosen one of my favorite leaves as the perfect spot to preparate for your future metamorphisis and I suppose I could never resist telling tall tales to a captive audience. Catterfly? You don't mind if I call you Catterfly do ya? ( silence ) Oh good! You see I been gone wondering and wandering far flung from my favorite leaf for sometime, Catterfly ol' chum... Only to come back and find you here and I have trouble believin in accidents. It's perfectly auspicious meeting you here and it's just the kind of clear night to tell you the true tale of the journey that brought me to you.

Many seasons ago I was one of thousands of haulers bustin' my abdom for the black ant empire of Rushwood Hill. I was a foolhardy whippersnapper, cocksure and full of vinegar, proud to be doing my part for the glory of Mother Rushwood. This was before that fateful day. The day that changed everything. You see the queen sent me on a routine reconnaissance misson to gather juniper berries from the shores of The Ocean of Pond with four of my comrades. I was in the lead when we got to the shore and sure enough, just as our informants suspected, there was a ripe untouched pile of berries by the juniper bush, just inside the line where our territory meets the water. At that moment I was blathering to me buds about frog know whats and Being the rush in head first lad I was, I went straight for the first one and hefted it with a cheshire proud grin only to about face and see me buddies headin' for the cover of the crabgrass. Flabbergasted I froze me words and by the time I realized what was happening, I had no time to react and I found myself being lifted suddenly skyward. Giant talons wrapped around the desired pile of berries barely missing me on the spot where I clutched on for dear life. As I looked up to take in the large berth of my crimson cardinal captor I felt us rising in altitude fast, ...and I knew I had to act quickly.

As far as I could tell I had two choices:

(1) Let go now and hope I could luckily land on one of those lilly landing pads, or

(2) Hold on extra tight and hope the bird was taking me somewhere close by and I would be able to sneak away stealthily before it decided it was time for a snack...

Loquacious Leaf and the Cocoon Caper

Created: Feb 08, 2010


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