Hallo. :)

By SeanSisco

Hallo everyone! My name is Sean Sisco. I'm a folk/indie/acoustic artist. I have a band called That Band Upstairs. I live in Slidell, LA. I have a facebook page for my band and it has more songs than on here, so if you like what you hear, you should check out my other music. I appreciate any and all feedback so I'd LOVE to hear what everyone thinks of my music! Music is my life, so I try to play a little every single day of my life. Even if that means just beating on a kitchen counter or playing a little bit of guitar and then carrying out my day. But yeah, I would really love and appreciate it dearly if you could just give my music a listen and give it a chance, you know? Thanks everyone!

Hallo. :)

Created: Feb 08, 2010


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