Atoms of a Storm

By jordynmyah

        I’ve been sitting outside on the front step for about an hour now, book in hand and a bowl of cherries by my side. The storm’s been building for some time, with the thunder rolling by in waves every few minutes and lightning setting the sky on fire to the west. While the temperature’s been dropping the humidity has been rising, and the air is so thick by now that my lungs are swimming in it.

         My fingers feel around for the cherries, which takes a minute since I can’t pull my eyes from my book. Finally I find them, pop one into my mouth, and spit the seed into the grass. The rain starts to fall at almost the same moment. As the raindrops hit the ground they jump to my bare feet, bringing a cool respite from the warm pavement. I wriggle my toes in the puddle that’s formed around them as my teeth play with a lone cherry stem, trying to tie it in a knot like my mom always does.

        I finally look up from my book to see that the sky has turned from a pale yellow to a cold grey. I look at the droplets of rain that have formed on the step beneath me, and I wonder about what it is that holds everything together. We’re all just protons and electrons and chemicals with silly names. We’re all just trying to keep our shit together. And as I bite down on another cherry I close my eyes and listen to the storm. Lightning flashes behind my eyelids, but I keep them closed. Sometimes it’s nice to just listen.


Atoms of a Storm

Created: Jul 27, 2011


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