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OK, so, as I wrote in my response to Channing's 'Stupid' video, I thought it'd be really dynamic to get everyone who'd be into participating to write some short little monologues about someone you love and miss, but to keep it somewhat abstracted etc. Short is the key though. Then, once we have a selection of thoughts, I think it'd be great to read each others and record that, not video, just voice, to layer over some of the video. Or you can read parts that you find particularly moving etc. For some reason I'm feeling like if we read words that arent our own in this instance what we wrote might come out in a more raw and uncensored way, maybe the truth in our words can shine more brightly when we don't have our emotion so tied up in it. I know for me personally I feel way more guarded reading my own words than someone elses and it never comes out the way I wrote it...making sense? I hope so...

Anyway, here are 3 shorts I just wrote about 3 different people in my life I love and miss to start us off...

-Sometimes when a warm midnight breeze grazes my cheek I think of you, and how much you loved the stars. Laying in the grass on our backs, staring at the night sky and the occasional firefly. We never felt like saying much. We just stared. I was most at peace then. My soul could rest then. And now, every time I remember to look up, I miss you. I love you.

-I watched some old home videos of us today. We we're laughing. I couldn't figure out what it was we were laughing about, I doubt at the time we even knew. What does it matter anyway? That was always us, laughing for no apparent reason, until we cried. It was so infectious. You couldn't help but to join in. I miss that. I miss your laugh. I love you. I miss you.

-I thought I heard your voice today. It was so faint, but I'm sure it was you. I keep a message you left me years ago saved on my answering machine. And if I ever feel like I'm losing you, I play it back. Sometimes over and over. It's a lot harder for me to remember who I am, without you here. I miss you. I'll always miss you. I love you.

Stupid. My Response via

Created: Feb 07, 2010


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