On Germaine Quay

By ManWithHat

Edith on Germaine:

“Oh, I don’t know. He’s a nice guy. He ain’t pretty. Neither am I. Don’t, don’t even try. I’m not. But he shaves, he tips, he showers, he works. That’s something. That’s a whole lot of something. And you know what? When he smiles, he smiles. The rest of the crowd that digs around here, not nearly like Germ. Kind of a puppy dog, but in a manly way.”

Walt on Germaine:

“Boy’s got ears, boys, boy’s got ears. If he didn’t, he’d have a fucking hard time of it. Now, look at that sharp, crooked jaw. You know how many times it’s been broken? That off-kilter nose. Where’s that from? He’s a puppy dog, all right. He’s been beaten into it. The great unseen, nonexistent child of Bogart and Bergman. His clothes? His hair? He’s clean, all right, but he’s just ready to leave a nice corpse. Boy is set to die. I’m saving him, swear to it. Once I get him to wear something besides grey, black, white and brown, he’s free. I’ve got a tie. A red tie, very nice. He’ll get it when it’s his time. Boy’s set to die. I’ll save him with that tie.”

On Germaine Quay

Created: Feb 06, 2010


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