battle wounds of an 18 year old war hero

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okay so this is a little bit crazy for me.
i recorded this within a night when i was writing a paper for a class of mine, but i felt compelled to do a visual piece. this is extremely rough, and i initially had music overlapping with specific parts going over (including brighteyes and some of from first to lasts expiremental things) but i wanted to kind of make it more personal, but i am totally new to doing anything artstic or computer wise, along with this whole website, so i wanted to jump right into it, and see if i could get any help or direction or anything, because even though it isn't very complex or anthing, it has a lot of meaning for why i did it, so i want to somehow finish it, (if this makes sense) haha

Created: Feb 06, 2010


kaylaxane Video Media