question from a slow poke

By ten low

What do you think? Is it better to post records in tiny pieces or the whole thing at once? I'm taking my first stab at reformatting a story of mine into a screenplay. The process has been quite interesting so far (totally different frame of mind, totally different text and all) and now I know it'll take aWHILE. I'm nervous.

I once had an English teacher who had at one point created a huge poster with her students with every possible excuse or disclaimer you could give before sharing your work, as many of us do. Instead of saying, "this is stupid," or "I'm not finished," etc., you just pointed to the sign.
......I still need to point to the sign (though that was some years ago).

With that asked and that said...
In progress or finished?

question from a slow poke

Created: Feb 05, 2010


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