Clowns - Photography

Clowns (Tiny Story Illustration)

By MattConley

Thought I'd do something a bit diabolical for Dee's diabolical "Clowns" Tiny Story. zeogle had some wonderful illustrations to remix in his "Circus Sketches" RECord.


Note: I left the text at the bottom so that the main imagery at the top would be easily remixable.

Clowns (Tiny Story Illustration)

Created: Jul 18, 2011

Tags: drawn, short, guts, belch, illustrated, evil, bloody, tiny stories, spoon, death, cannibals, matt, killers, art, ribs, skulls, clown's, deeasherself, serial killers, bony, resources, sadistic, bones, face paint, mattconley, drawing, remixed, bad, ink, blood, eating, red nose, room, matt conley, deadly, clowns, faces, killed, circus, burp, sketched, cannibalism, pen, big top, pencil

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