The Invincible Lawyer (a tiny story)

By MattConley

Updated the previous version of this, "Invincibility: Tiny Story," with new artwork (based on work by The MOCKery) and replaced the stock broker character with a lawyer. Slight text revision as well.

Another idea for text would be: "In the courtroom the lawyer was invincible... but dead inside."

The Invincible Lawyer (a tiny story)

Created: Jul 15, 2011

Tags: stocks, skeletal, collaboration, law, dead body, transparent, pants, tiny stories, glasses, mockery, bones, invincible, pocket autopsy, skulls, interrogation, x ray, skeleton, painting, corpse, death, legs, arms, franklin burroughs, see through, files, mustache, framed, skulls and bones, suit and tie, court, briefcase, x-ray, tie, suit, eyeglasses, eyewear

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