Love is simple. As human beings, we make it complicated. It is in our nature to question the things that we do not understand. The thing is, we all understand love. We get it. What makes us question its definition and relevance is our fear. We are afraid to love. Afraid to give and want because we are afraid to lose. But in loss, we grow. So what is love? It’s everything. It’s giving all you’ve got. It’s taking risks. It’s feeling like the world is perfect and harmless. It’s feeling like the world is hell on earth. And it’s knowing that after all of that, you’re safe. Love is what will be there to hold you together. You can’t lose it. If it is true and honest, it will always be a part of you. Love is what you want it to be. Personally. It’s yours.

..Just look at all the responses to this 'love' topic. Everyone feels it and knows what it is to them. That's pretty incredible.


Created: Feb 05, 2010


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